The site, located at the intersection of Sixth and K Streets, NW in the heart of the Mount Vernon Triangle district, is now home to Hodges Roast Beef Sandwich Shop (originally built in 1940’s), the Waffle Shop (originally built in 1950’s), and a Lord Baltimore Filling Station (originally built in 1920’s). The buildings, though not designated historic landmarks, were saved by client Douglas Development from several blocks in the neighborhood and reassembled on this prominent corner. In addition to the relocation and restoration of Hodges and the filling station, the Waffle Shop is reconstructed to match the original Art Moderne building. A new addition ties the three buildings together and completes the street wall along 6th Street to create a connected retail building in a cohesive plan. The project required review and approval by the D.C. Preservation League’s Project Review Committee. The project is slated for completion by the end of 2019.