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Wednesday, October 28 2015

B|HA Staff Photo Contest



When we announced a staff photography contest last month, we were unaware of the talent our design staff wields behind the lens! We solicited images in five categories and received over 100 total entries! We then invited three of our admired architectural photographers, Anice Hoachlander, Eric Taylor and Max Mackenzie, to jury our competition. We’re excited to share the results of what turned into a fun and creative exercise through which we gained new insights into our coworkers’ unique perspectives and viewpoints.


Category: Inspired by B|HA

For the first category, we asked staff to submit an image of any B|HA project – past, present or future. Our jury panel selected Building 202 by Jeremy Arnold as the winning entry.


I like the overall composition, lack of total symmetry, the character of the glass and overall feel.
I love the richness of texture and light and feeling of history.

1_Jeremy Arnold_Building 202

“Building 202” by Jeremy Arnold


Category: In Progress

Category Two called for an image of any building(s) under construction. Our esteemed judges chose Finishing 3XN by Colin Drumwright.


very graphic…
full of visual surprises!

"Finishing 3XN" by Colin Drumwright

“Finishing 3XN” by Colin Drumwright


Category: Life as an Architect

Next, we asked staff to show us something interesting about a day in the life of a B|HA employee. Adam Greene’s Observing the Work was our panel’s top choice.


My #1 choice in this category… It reminds me of the iconic image of workers having lunch on a beam x-stories above the ground.
Love the sense of humor here.

"Observing the Work" by Adam Greene

“Observing the Work” by Adam Greene


Category: General Architecture

Category four was our most competitive. Staff submitted images of inspiring architecture or interior architecture. Our judges found consensus on Eames by Deborah Kent.


Iconic Eames shot in one-point illustrates the modular grid system. Color, composition, cool reflection. I like it.
Precise framing, great color, and many interesting levels to get lost in; the foreground bricks and plants, the first room, the reflection of the blue sky and landscape behind, and the view through the far windows. A wonderfully rich image.

"Eames" by Deborah Kent

“Eames” by Deborah Kent

Category: Abstract Composition

Finally, we called for an abstract composition: a non-representational image, pattern, light, color, etc. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this category turned up some of the most intriguing submissions including Untitled by Megan Shiley.


Mesmerizing, mysterious; and striking – just a lovely image.
No sense of scale which is what makes an abstract photo work.

"Untitled" by Megan Shiley

“Untitled” by Megan Shiley

Honorable Mentions

It was tough to recognize only one photo per category! At times, our judges were split between various images. Thus, two photographs were also recognized with honorable mentions: Bill Bonstra’s Spice Market and Adam Greene’s Framing the View.


I like the fact that this image was chosen probably for the idea of a form and color and how it can be applied to architectural design.

"Spice Market" by Bill Bonstra

“Spice Market” by Bill Bonstra


I was attracted first by the vibrant color, and then by the strong graphic shapes and the frontality; finally the delight in imagining the ‘Room with a View’ coming into being.

"Framing the View" by Adam Greene

“Framing the View” by Adam Greene

Congratulations to all our winners! We look forward to next year’s competition!