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Wednesday, December 11 2019

B|HA Team Wins Judge’s Choice Award at Gingertown 2019

Each year, representatives from the Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS team participate in Washington, DC’s Gingertown hosted by David M. Schwartz Architects. This year, there were over 45 firms represented, and we were proud to be an “Elf Sponsor” supporting the Children’s National Medical Center, Community of Hope, Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, the Wendt Center, So Others Might Eat and more. Our Gingerbread creation, San GINGER Maggiore (after San Giorgio Maggiore), fit nicely into the Venice Grand Canal master plan, and was awarded the Judge’s Choice Award! While many teams brought stencils and pre-assembled pieces for their buildings, our design came together in a team effort on the spot.


The goal was to closely emulate the real church located on the island and add some gingerbread and colorful aesthetic to it. The main features were the pitched roofs, decorated front façade, and elaborate dome. The pitched roofs were gilded in Rollo wrappers (all materials were required to be candy-related) and lined with decorative white icing for the cornices and joints. Gummy bears were our simulation of the marble statues that top the corners and pitches of each side of the church roofs. The front façade had Peppermint sticks and starbursts for the 4 large columns, Nerds for the decorative frieze, and marshmallows for the brickwork. The dome is constructed of Rice Krispies and is cladded in Laffy Taffy. Necco Wafers were used for the cobble stone floor. Congrats Adam B., Sonja, Lizza, Richard, and Eduardo on a fantastic effort this year!

 San Giorgio Maggiore: