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Thursday, January 3 2019

Our Recent Approvals Successes

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS’ successful history achieving entitlements continues with over 125 approvals from federal and local zoning, architectural, and historic preservation review boards. In 2018, we continued the successful run with nine recent entitlements approvals in Washington D.C., the City of Alexandria, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland. Congratulations to our clients and project teams!


4th Street, NE Washington, DC

paulist fathers residenceThe new Washington residence and mission house for the Paulist Fathers has received concept approval from the Washington, D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) as well as zoning approval from the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) as part of the larger redevelopment of the Paulist property in Brookland. Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS, the Paulists and Elmstreet/Boundary Companies (the developers for the remainder of the Paulist property) worked closely with the Office of Planning, Historic Preservation Office (HPO), the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the surrounding Chancellors Row community to craft the approved plan, which includes preservation of the viewshed from 4th Street, NE to the historic St. Paul’s College, as well as the new Paulist seminary and 60 new townhomes by Elmstreet.


Park Avenue Center Drive & Ford Avenue Alexandria, VA

park center apartmentsTwo existing 1980’s office buildings in Alexandria have received a Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) approval for conversion to multi-family residential use. One of the key architectural challenges of the project is utilizing some of the existing exterior components and introducing design elements to transform the office buildings to residential use. Located at the corner of Park Avenue Centre Drive and Ford Avenue, the project will provide 435 new residential units including 10 affordable units. The ground floor plaza level will be redesigned to accommodate interior and exterior amenities for residents, such as private terraces, exterior “lounges”, and a pool. The first lower garage level will also include access to additional building amenities, rear terraces, and the pool deck, and the remaining four lower garage levels will remain as parking for residents and for the existing building to the east.


N. Trenton Street & Arlington Blvd. Arlington, VA

north trenton street housingBonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS and team, on behalf of client Wesley Housing Development Corporation, received approval for two new multifamily residential buildings and a 19-unit townhouse parcel in Arlington County for a 4.1 Site Plan and Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) on a 4-acre site bounded by N. Thomas Street, N. Trenton Street, and Arlington Boulevard. The site plan approval increases allowable site density and consolidates separate lots. A 19-unit townhouse parcel is being sold to a separate developer. The 98-unit four-story stick-built affordable multi-family residential building is built over a three-level concrete parking and amenity podium, and includes over 50% multibedroom units, amenity spaces including community, fitness and yoga rooms that will be shared with the historic Whitefield Commons. The project is contextual in character; the primary façade offers a contemporary design scaled to a highway presence along Arlington Boulevard; the two rear wings relate in scale and masonry composition to the two-story apartment buildings along Trenton Street and in Whitefield Commons


4611-4615 41st Street, NW Alexandria, VA

The design for a 41-unit, seven story mixed-use building near the Tenleytown Metro station has received Zoning Commission (ZC) approval as a Planned Unit Development. The design team (Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS, CAS Engineering, Wells + Associates, Bradley Site Design) the developer, Dancing Crab Properties, and their land use counsel, Holland and Knight, worked closely with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3E, Office of Planning, District Department of Transportation (DDOT), and the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) to develop a project design and public benefits proffers that received unanimous support from the ANC, letters of support from DDOT and OP, and a unanimous vote of approval for final action by the Zoning Commission