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Tuesday, September 17 2019

Partners By Design

Engaging the Architecture, Design, and Development Community | Washington, DC

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS is committed to the Washington, DC community through its involvement in professional, industry, and community organizations that are dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape and preserving the beauty and resources of our Nation’s Capital. The firm leaders set the tone for involvement through their roles in the community. In this issue of DesignLINE, we highlight David’s work with the National Building Museum Board of Directors and Bill’s work with the Board of Directors for the International Student House in Washington, DC.

National Building Museum

David Haresign, FAIA is a newly elected member of the National Building Museum Board of Directors. The National Building Museum transforms understanding of the history and impact of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and design. Through exhibitions, educational programs, and special events, the museum welcomes all ages to experience stories about the built world and its power to shape our lives, communities, and futures. Through his work as a board member, David will ensure that the museum is poised to continue its rich and diverse programming. Prior to becoming a board member, David was a Capital Society Member and was involved with program support and fund-raising for museum programs.

David has led many Construction Watch Tours featuring projects throughout the city. These tours are designed to showcase growth and development and to educate the community about the complexities of the design and building process. Additionally, David regularly participates as a panelist and engages in museum-sponsored symposia. The firm sponsors exhibitions and supports the annual Gala. The Museum resides in one of the most awe-inspiring places in Washington, D.C., with a soaring Great Hall, colossal 75-foot-tall Corinthian columns, and a 1,200-foot terra cotta frieze. Originally built between 1882 and 1887, it was designed for three distinct purposes: to house the headquarters of the United States Pension Bureau, to provide a suitably grand space for Washington’s social and political functions, and to commemorate those who fought on the side of Union during the Civil War.


International Student House

William J. Bonstra, FAIA, LEED AP has been elected to the Board of Directors of the International Student House (ISH) in Washington, DC as a member of their Executive Committee. Located in 3 historic buildings within the Dupont Circle Historic District, the ISH provides an exceptional residential experience to a highly diverse international community of graduate students, interns, researchers, and visiting scholars. The House promotes intercultural dialogue, encourages life-long connections and fosters global citizenship among the world’s future leaders. Students pursue Master’s and Doctoral Degrees from leading institutions in the Nation’s Capital and participate in internships at The White House, US Congress, the OAS, the Middle East Institute, National Institutes of Health, and foreign embassies, research and policy institutions, and nonprofit organizations.
Bill serves as the Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee responsible for securing and maintaining the ISH facilities and garden, including the properties’ historic elements. He is currently focusing his attention on the restoration of the facilities’ historic leaded glass windows.

ISH is one of 22 houses around the world, was founded in 1936 by a small group of Quakers and houses over 300 residents from 70 countries each year. The main building, a historic 100-year-old Tudor Style mansion offers elegant public spaces for study, relaxation, and social interaction. Today, ISH DC has continued to fulfill its mission in an unbroken line of over 80 years, providing an interactive and supportive living environment for nearly 15,000 young adults from over 140 countries studying or interning in Washington, DC.