Design Line
Thursday, August 3 2023

Welcoming New and Returning Team Members

Please join us in celebrating our new and returning talent to the team: Jack Waterman, Carlos Bethencourt, Agostina Portabales, Beyza Kastan, Gelila Yoseph, and our interns Ellen Rucks and Jake Eaton. As an architectural firm that constantly strives for excellence, these remarkable individuals bring fresh perspectives, creativity, and expertise.



M.Arch | Tulane University
From: Shreveport, Lousiana

Jack has over 10 years of experience, specializing in historic preservation and urban design. In his previous work with notable firms, he had the opportunity to design a museum in a historic bank next to the White House and plan a neighborhood above the tracks behind Union Station. Jack passed his Architect Registration Exam (ARE) and is on his way to becoming a licensed architect. He enjoys researching and applying new technologies in design and fabrication including virtual reality and 3D scanning.



B.S. Architecture and Urban Planning | Catholic University of America
From: Caracas, Venezuela

Carlos is a returning team member joining us as a consultant after 7 years living and working in Los Angeles, including 5 years working for Frank Gehry. Carlos thrives on projects that push the boundaries of the built environment, always aiming for efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Beyond his architectural skill, Carlos values establishing strong connections, firmly believing that successful architecture hinges on building solid relationships and effective communication with clients. His passion lies in innovation, thinking beyond conventions, and devising solutions that optimize project execution.



M.Arch | University of Virginia
B.S Design in Archiecture | University of Florida

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Agostina is a recent M.Arch graduate from the University of Virginia. Her passion for architecture has driven her to work on residential and commercial projects. She thrives on collaboration, working together with knowledgeable professionals to create long-standing and beautiful structures that enhance the urban landscape. Her past research experiences have helped Agostina expand her understanding of architecture and motivates her to design inclusively that considers diverse viewpoints within fragile ecosystems.



M.Arch | Virginia Tech — WAAC
B.A. Arch | Yeditepe University

From: Istanbul, Turkey

Beyza is a returning team member and a recent M.Arch graduate from Virginia Tech’s Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC). She has always been intellectual curious and has a strong drive to create. Her goal is to advance herself by learning new skills and information to add to her architectural knowledge. For Beyza, architecture is a realm of endless possibilities where fantasies can turn ideas into built realities.



B.A. in Design Studies | Marymount University
From: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Gelila is a returning marketing team member and graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Marymount University. Her past experiences have fueled her passion for storytelling and providing user-centered solutions that are backed by research and data. Gelila enjoys working with other like-minded professionals, leveraging collective creativity to produce meaningful work and exceed expectations. Her eagerness for growth and learning drives her to seek out an environment that challenges and inspires her to evolve into a more accomplished professional.

B|HA Interns


B.F.A in Architecture + Interior Architecture, 2023 | University of Memphis
From: Hendersonville, TN

Ellen recently graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in architecture and interior design. She spent the last year of her degree program studying on exchange at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center, where she explored her interests in urban design, landscape architecture, photography, and product design. In the future, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in architecture to become a licensed architect and aims to pursue accreditations in sustainability.


B.S. Arch, 2024 | The Catholic University of America
From: Melrose, MA

Jake is a rising fourth year Architecture student at The Catholic University of America, working towards graduate school and architecture licensure. During his studies in Washington DC, Jake grew passionate about sustainability and innovation in the field of Architecture. In the future, he hopes to work on sustainable mixed-use and residential projects that promote the health and happiness of society and its people. Through studies in perception of space and light, biophilic design, and walkable cities, Jake hopes to make the world a better place than he found it.