Design Line
Tuesday, July 9 2019

Case Study: A New Generation of Housing in LeDroit Park

From Military Housing to University Dorms to Modern Apartments | Washington, DC

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS has transformed two military-style dormitories into modern luxe apartments in the historic LeDroit Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. We’ve developed a case study that discusses some of the key design challenges and creative solutions to reallocate space and revitalize the historic buildings; our design process is explained through diagrams, renderings, photos and explanation.

CARVER HALL // 211 Elm Street, NW

Carver Hall was built in 1942 to house un-married African American men supporting the war effort. It was subsequently bought by Howard University and served as a men’s dormitory for 60 continuous years. 63 new rentable units revive the building’s midcentury character, exploit its abundance of daylight, and provide fully updated amenities including 14 double-height loft apartments!


SLOWE HALL // 1919 3rd Street, NW

Also built in 1942, Slowe Hall originally housed un-married African American women working for the war effort. It was bought by Howard University with Carver Hall, and used as a women’s dormitory for the past 60 years. Although the two buildings were originally developed and occupied as a pair, key differences between the two required uniquely considered designs.

Download our full case study HERE.